• BIble Studies

    Our Spiritual Growth Ministry, helps adults move toward a Christ-Centered life, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, so they may gain the full life that Christ has for them.

    We encourage every adult to pursue a path of spiritual growth . Since Jesus Christ demonstrated that supportive relationships and intentional growth are critical for spiritual development, the Spiritual Growth Ministry provides Groups and Growth Opportunities in each area of the ministry.

  • Men's groups

    As men of faith, we are called by God to share a caring, servant attitude with our fellow men, promote Christian values, and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that when men are connected in their hearts to Christ, and serving in that capacity, they become an unstoppable force for good! Our men meet every now and then with other churches

  • Women's Groups

    It is our desire to encourage, support and guide women as they seek a deeper relationship with Christ and a greater love for others