• Lisa Ikerd - Director of Creative arts

    I came to FBC with my family when I was in high school. I became very involved with the youth group . I became involved with youth group as one of the leaders shortly after highschool. Later on, I became involved with Christian Education and worked as both Sunday School Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent for several years. Currently I serve on the Christian Education board as co-chair and am excited to see where the Lord is leading The Bridge with regard to its Christian Education programs. I've been very involved in a variety of music programs at The Bridge for many years including special musical presentations, handbell choirs and musical drama. 

  • amy howe- thrift store director

    Bargain shopping has really been a life long thing for me. Growing up, a lot of our clothes were hand me downs from siblings and others, so wearing second hand clothes was really no big thing. Right out of high school, I went to Henry O. Peabody School for fashion design. I quickly discovered that was not for me, and only stayed one semester. Although I had a love for clothes, I didnt have the ideas for the designs. Once I was living on my own, I searched out thrifts stores in my area, and would always check out church rummage sales. I loved bargain shopping. Even shopping in a retail store, the clearance rack was and still is usually what I check out first. When my boys were little, I would often buy clothes at rummage sales and pay "by the bag" price, sometimes that meant $1.00 a bag. I could get away with that until they got a little older. 


    For a few years before Patrick was born, I managed a small jewelry store located in a mall in Massachusetts. Although I do have to say, managing is not a natural gift for me, I did love arranging the store and displaying the merchandise. There were a few years when I was a single mom. It was in those years that I really learning to pinch pennies and become really organized. Until just recently, I was a dealer for 2 1/2 years in a multi-dealer shop in Amherst. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, as it was a creative outlet for me. About 5 months ago, I mentioned to my haristylist that it would be great to have a shop and I thought she would be a great person to go into business with. Not long after this, Nat Hall mentioned to Ron that it would be a good idea to have the red house converted into a thrift store.... So here we are, God has given me experiences so I can serve Him in running the Thrift Shop. I love my job, and am so grateful that I serve an Awesome God!