Casual Dress

We encourage you to dress comfortably. 

We care more about what you get out of the service than what you wear to it.

Relaxed Atmosphere

We respect your right to remain anonymous, we do encourage you to meet our pastor and our church family and learn more about our church. 

Come join us after church for a cup of coffee.

Practical teaching

We teach from the Bible and seek practical life applications. Our desire is to assist you in your connection with God. Knowledge and understanding of the Bible is not necessary. The messages are based on biblical truths, but you don't need to be familiar with the Bible to understand them. We look at real-life issues and how the Bible helps us understand and then we address them.

Uplifting music

We have an assortment of upbeat music. 

We use many forms of the arts and multi-media as part of the service. 

And if you don't want to sing, it's OK. 

Feel free to just listen and hope that the person next to you is on key.