Local missions

We are proud to partner with these Local Missions

  • Gideons

    The Gideons provide Bibles for hotels, schools, hospitals etc

  • Real Options

    Real Options provides counseling for women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies and have concerns about their future.  


    Share provides food and services for the needy of the Milford community. The Bridge Community Church provides funds and services to assist SHARE in their outreach.

  • Souhegan Valley Rides "Blue Bus"

    Souhegan Valley Rides provides affordable door to door rides to and from medical appointments and shopping in NH towns such as Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, and Wilton.


    Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire is a Community Recovery Center that treats Substance Use Disorder (SUD) at a community level by providing a central location for access to local support systems. With so many pathways to recovery available, we guide individuals in finding the pathway that feels most aligned with their values and needs.

  • S.P.I.N

    Single Parents in Need (S.P.I.N) is a faith-based, community sourced support group for Single Parents. A place to be encouraged by other single parents. The vision of S.P.I.N is to be a community of people coming together to meet the needs of single parents in the Souhegan Valley. This includes practical needs such as auto repair, childcare, home repairs, finances, and the like.

  • Pillars of Africa

    To serve underprivileged youth at the Pillars of Africa Children's Ministry in Manyangwa, Uganda, by providing monetary, material and prayerful support to meet educational, physical, and spiritual needs.

  • Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Wycliffe Missionary couple Dave and Deb Barton:

    Dave is the Director for the Bible translation work in Papua New Guinea, leading a multicultural team of personnel who facilitate the Wycliffe Bible translation efforts throughout the country. Deb supervises a lunch bar that serves the Ukarumpa community on weekdays and managing the Teen Centre providing work experience to teenage community members.

  • Christian Veterinary Mission

    Mary’s primary focus is to help develop a veterinary continuing education curriculum for the purpose of providing quality and up-to-date veterinary education to graduate Mongolian veterinarians. Richard’s focus is to mentor and develop the business and finance team of V.E.T. Net.

  • Christian Aftercare Ministries (CAM)

    Christian Aftercare Ministries was founded by a dedicated group of Christian volunteers who actively served within New Hampshire's jails and prisons. Motivated by a strong desire to support individuals transitioning from incarceration, the ministry was born.